No sillies!! Not me.....not yet!.....my BLOG!!  Yes my dear friends.....after months of trying to figure things out I finally have my new site up (somewhat).  My husband helped me of course and we're not done, so you'll be seeing some more changes in the future.

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Friday: Afternoon Delight

Ok....so it's a few days overdue...but I was feeling a bit under the weather the last couple of days.

Mr. B is at man night so I got to have a delightful afternoon all by myself! Don't get me wrong I love to hang out with him, but sometimes a girl just needs some girly alone time.

Today I got to try on makeup at the mac counter (i got a couple of things but I can't get them until wed....i pre-shopped), went to get my nails done (toes are minty green and hands are red...though you can't really appreciate them in these pics).......

and now.....since I didn't have to make any kind of dinner.... I decided to get some take out and I'm having this delicious thai feast while watching SATC.  ULTIMATE girly afternoon right?

I absolutely LOVE thai tea.....Nick hates it and thinks I'm crazy because he says it tastes like cigarette butts. I wonder if I can purchase the stuff to make it at home. I really really love it. Sometimes I actually crave it!
BTW....I can't wait til we move to NYC and I can order take out and just wait for it in the comfort of my own home! I also won't have to wait 30 min for it.

Oh, also while on Bergdorf's page I found these lovelies by a couple of my favorite designers......

Chloe hobo

Christian Louboutin pump
Loeffler Randall boot
Christian Louboutin pump

Needless to say I want them all.......
Buenas noches!!


Sunday: Afternoon Delight

I didn't get a chance to post this last night....

Stay tuned for the next afternoon delight midweek!! Have a good one!


Happy birthday Mama!

Today is my mother's birthday! Feliz Cumpleaños MA!!! We celebrated yesterday by going down for dinner (which her friend invited her to and we just kind of invited ourselves....) and ended up having a lovely meal and surprise run-in with some of our really good friends.

Our adventure started with us (N, my dad, my brother and myself) walking across the border and my mom picked us up.  We went to dinner with close family friends to Chans and it was pretty delicious.

Then, Maricarmen (my mom's friend) mentioned that her daughters had decorated her house for her grand-daughter's quinceañera (15th bday party) and insisted that we come see. So we ended our night crashing a quinceañera and hanging out for a little bit with our good friends Fer and her husband.

We got dropped off at the border, walked back across and drove back up here getting us home around midnight....all in all quite a fun night. (~extra treat ~ I ended up bringing some mexican candy from the party home with me....yay for me!!) Happy Birthday Mama Elisheva.....Te queremos mucho!!!



We didn't go to disneyland we went wine tasting with our dear friends Brandon & Emily and that was fine by me.  We had a blast! Brandon had wine tasting tickets to South Coast Winery (costa mesa) so it was free!!

Oh also...here's the picture of my newly painted white wall....it makes our living room look a lot bigger. I like it.

Fun Pin Cushion Project!

A few weeks ago I purchased one of Martha Stewart's amazing books : Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts.  I already have the Encyclopedia of Crafts and I love it so after debating for a couple of months I decided I needed the sewing one as well; and um..duh! I love it too!

I found a super fun and "simple" pin cushion on there using a ball jar.  I have loads of ball/kerr jars from my wedding and also from other projects so when I started thinking of my mother in law's birthday present naturally this project was the answer. I made two one for her and one for my mom's friend Magali.  They both love sewing and this is a fun/practical way of carrying your tools.

I wrote "simple" because it looks and seems simple, but when trying to make them I realized that it's not really simple.  It's kind of hard to push the cardboard out of the way so the jar will actually close. Also when you work with a hot glue gun...it kind of sucks because it dries fast so you don't really have enough time to do everything.  Anyway....I did finish both of them and they turned out pretty darn cute! See for yourselves.....(I forgot to take a pic of the black & white finished so I just have the green one)

Have yourselves a lovely wednesday afternoon....I know I will...I'm going to disneyland! 


We heart photobooths!! (classic or digital)

From our wedding......

From Livi & Steve's wedding.....

At the fair a few weeks ago......

Mr. B at "work"........

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